Wednesday 24 November 2010

Laptop Start-up – Stalled At “Please Wait …”

We have been seeing a few situations where a laptop that is not connected to any wired or wireless network connection will hang at “Please wait” for quite a long time.

It took a long time to figure out the right search terms to bring up the above Forums post.


While the general consensus among folks on the forum post is to disable the NLA Service, this will kill any connection that the laptop may have to a Home Group, disable the laptop’s ability to change default printers based on location, and more.

So, we suggest trying to set the NLA Service to Automatic (Delayed Start). If that still causes the stall at start up, then change the service to Manual so that the OS can still fire up the service if it is required.

Once the setting change is complete, the laptop should boot up and display the logon screen in essentially the same amount of time whether connected to a network or not.

Hat Tip: Kevin Atkey

Philip Elder
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