Tuesday 28 May 2013

Intel Server Configurator Tool – Excellent Rework

We edited the previous post with this content, but here it is:


The Configurator now has a similar grid to its pre-Silverlight days where we now see a simple grid with product features and an actual picture of the product.

This is a _huge_ step in the right direction for us!

Oh, the the linked documentation directly below the product is HUGE! Product research steps just took a huge step forward in efficiency.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that they moved away from Silverlight and the addition of linked documents, but I find the interface to be unintuitive and cumbersome to navigate.

It's like all Intel channel reps listened to the massive list of complaints that channel partners had and simply submitted two complaints and let some high school co-op students design the site. It's wholly inefficient.

I wish the designers realized these like HP and Dell existed and offer system build functions on their web site, so they can see how to properly design such tools. Really, they need to sit down for a week with some professional web designers and design some tools to aid us in selling their equipment.