Monday 7 October 2013

Hyper-V Cluster: An error occurred while creating the cluster: Unknown error (0xc0000133)

We had just finished walking through all of the steps to set up two nodes for a Server 2012 RTM Hyper-V cluster when we got hit with the following error:


Create Cluster Wizard

An error occurred while creating the cluster.

An error occurred while creating the cluster 'TD-12Cluster'.

Unknown error (0xc0000133)

Our initial searches turned up very little when we included Hyper-V and Cluster in our terms.

The error code however turned up a tie into time synchronization.

These nodes were set up using Windows Server 2012 Standard in Server Core mode. And, we had missed step 9 in SConfig: Date & Time!

The time zone was incorrect on both nodes.

We also noticed that the time on the test network was about 9 minutes out from our own. So, we had missed configuring the time service on the physical DC to poll the Canadian servers.

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    1. Elevate a command prompt
    2. w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual "/,0x1,0x1,0x1,0x1"
    3. w32tm /config /update
    4. net stop w32time && net start w32time
    5. w32tm /resync /force
    6. w32tm /query /source
      1. Should be

Once we had the domain time in order and the nodes synchronized to the DC we were able to successfully stand up the cluster in Failover Cluster Management.


In the end not referring to our process manuals was the key. ;)

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