Friday 29 November 2013

A Server 2008 R2 Core Uptime Mark

Here is a little glimpse into one of our mid-range running Server Core setups:


The command: systeminfo | find "System Boot Time"

We are almost exactly three months short of two years for this particular Hyper-V server. It has been a workhorse with nary a problem.

  • Intel Server System SR1695GPRX2AC
  • Intel Xeon X3470
  • 32GB Kingston ECC
  • Intel RAID with 4x 300GB 15K SAS in RAID 10

To date we have _a lot_ of these particular Intel Server Systems in production both as standalone Hyper-V servers as well as Hyper-V Cluster nodes and we have been very happy with them.

They are rock solid and their performance is excellent.

Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers. :)

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