Monday 23 June 2014

Third Tier Brain Explosion: Our New SBS!

I will be presenting along with our Third Tier team as a Pre-Day Brain Explosion (BE) for the GFIMax conference in Orlando, Florida on the afternoon of September 7th and the morning of the 8th.

We are splitting things into two days to give folks a chance to both digest all of the content but also to allow BE attendees the chance to meet and chat with us.

Cost for the Pre-Day BE is a very reasonable $99.

Registration for the event can be done on the Third Tier Portal under the Purchase Support option (windowed scroll bar in there that's a bit difficult to see) or on GFI's site (Pre-Day Landing Page).

The content I will be working with will be the technical aspects of delivering our new SBS.

What is that you might ask?

S = Small

B = Business

S = Solution

It is our very complete solution set that we have been deploying to our client sites for about six months to a year now.

  • RWW/RWA Replacement
    • RDWeb and RDGateway
  • Exchange/OWA/EAS
    • Exchange 2013 CU4 (SP1)
  • SharePoint
    • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Remote Desktop Services
    • Remote Desktop Session Host and RemoteApps
    • RD Endpoint access

Our last ASP SMB Kitchen subscriber chat was spent walking through SBS and how it is essentially seamless to our clients. One WAN IP is all that is required just as it was with Small Business Server.

The beauty of the solution is the simplicity with which things change for our end users: Virtually not at all. :)

We supply an on-premises solution that gives everything Small Business Server has given them. Plus, we clearly demonstrate that our product is on par with or better than any Cloud based solution out there just as SBS has been to small businesses for the last ten or more years.

Looking for that on-prem replacement? Please subscribe to our ASP Project as our monthly chats and content supplied by our team will facilitate that search.

Want the technical pearls to deploying this kind of solution for your clients? Then please do register for the Brain Explosion and wear a brain bucket! :)

Thanks for reading.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Cluster MVP
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book
Chef de partie in the SMBKitchen ASP Project
Find out more at
Third Tier: Enterprise Solutions for Small Business


Anonymous said...

This stack to replace SBS sounds great.
What is the VM layout? Do you include WSUS in this setup?
Where does the Exchange Edge server go?

Andrew Laxton said...

Hi Philip, out of interest, how are your customers finding the cost of these applications and hardware vs moving to Office 365 and using 2012 R2 Essentials?



Tim said...

An interesting solution, can you expand on how port 443/https traffic is handled external to internal servers with one WAN IP if Exchange/OWA is on one VM and RDgateway/RDweb is on another VM?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

VM Layout would be one of two configurations:
1: DC, RDS, Exchange, LoB (WSUS)
2: DC, RDS, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, LoB (WSUS)

WSUS goes out on its own on the LoB VM (file, print, A/V console, etc). If SQL is available WSUS database goes into its own instance there.

Exchange is installed with all roles on the one VM.

We don't use Essentials nor O365 for our hosted Exchange needs. ESS GP setup lost everything we have built based on the OU/GPO structure given to us in SBS 2003.

We prefer to use either a Canadian or American based Exchange hoster depending on needs. Most of our client's e-mail is hosted on-premises.

Application Request Routing (ARR) and URLReWrite take care of the one IP for all services. (RDS)

Thanks for the comments!