Wednesday 29 October 2014

ASP Webinar Today at 1700 MST: Setting up ARR and URL ReWrite for One WAN IP

We've had a number of requests to do a Webinar specifically on how we get things set up for our Small Business Solution (SBS) whereby we only require one WAN IP address for all Internet facing services being published.

At 1700 MST please join me as I walk through a step-by-step of installing and configuring ARR and URL ReWrite.
  • Install ARR and URL ReWrite
  • Configure ARR settings in IIS
  • Configure ARR settings for EAS
  • IIS Sites and settings
  • SSL configuration
  • URL ReWrite rule configuration
  • ReWrite rule testing
By the time we are finished we will have a fully functional setup.

For this Webinar we will be using our three VM Azure based lab running a DC, Exchange 2013, and RDS.

Please do join us if you can and if not the event is being recorded and will be available to subscribers in the ASP Knowledgebase.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Cluster MVP
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

Chef de partie in the SMBKitchen ASP Project
Find out more at
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Sam said...

Hi Philip,
Is this only available for members?


Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


That is correct. The Webinar and its recording that should now be posted were for subscribers.



Justin Maas said...

Sorry no seeingt hat this has been posted.



Justin said...

Was this ever released to the public Philip?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Yes it was. Once the program finished the content was no longer available.