Monday 2 February 2015

Sample Client Phish Prevention E-mail

Here’s a sample of an e-mail we would send to our clients on a semi-frequent basis to help keep users wary and informed.

If there is ever a doubt about an e-mail claiming to represent anything from a bank to a newspaper NEVER click on any link in that e-mail.

Open a new browser session and navigate directly to the purported site and log on there.

In today’s day and age we need to be very mindful of clicking on anything.

For anything with a link in it hover your mouse over and a small pop-up will happen:

The above snip came from hovering over the Unsubscribe link in the email below.

As a rule, NEVER click on a link on any e-mail with perhaps the exception of the ones CONTACT sends out with software update links. Even then, hover your mouse over the link in her e-mail just in case someone is specifically targeting the firm!

One more point: We’ve been seeing a LOT of Word and Excel based macro virus transmission files. Anyone sending something should be requested to do so in PDF format if at all possible. For folks on the not-so computer savvy side they can click on FILE –> SAVE AS –> PDF (change Save As Type to).

While PDF files are not much safer than Office files they, at least at this point, marginally better. ;)

Happy Monday everyone. :)

Philip Elder
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