Monday 29 January 2007

System Builder Tip: Seagate SATA 300 jumper limits to SATA 150

For those of us who build systems, whether occasionally, or all the time, it is important to note that Seagate includes a jumper on their SATA 300 GBs (SATA II) hard drives that limits the drive's performance to 150 GBs.

For some older Intel RAID controllers, and others, that are limited to SATA 150, this setting applies.

But for newer SATA 300 RAID controllers as well as onboard SATA 300 controllers this jumper should be removed in order to obtain the performance that the hard drive was designed for.

A label on top of the drive indicates this:

Philip E.
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Anonymous said...

hi, i have a question..i cant really see which one to move for the harddrive to work on 300..i have the same harddrive, on the spot where the jumper is, i only see some i suppose to remove the pins? or is there something small plugged in there that i should remove?? since my pc was built by a different person im not sure if he removed it already or if its still there..please help..please email to this add thanks