Tuesday 8 March 2011

Open Value Agreements – It’s Official There Will Be No More Media Shipments . . . Almost

From a Microsoft e-mail that is applicable to Open Value Agreements that by default would have an automatic shipment of new product versions to the agreement holders.


Dear Customer

Microsoft is committed to evolving its business practices to better support you as a Volume Licensing customer. Based on improvements in internet access and customer feedback we want to inform you of an important upcoming change in how we will deliver products to you in the future.

As a Microsoft Volume Licensing customer enrolment no. AGREEMENT#; you receive Microsoft software updates through a physical media subscription kit. Beginning in April 2011, we will convert your physical media subscription to digital delivery through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). This means we will stop sending you physical CD/DVD software updates. You will be able to access your updates by digital download on the VLSC.

In April 2011 you will receive a confirmation e-mail for each Volume License agreement enrolment which is converted to digital delivery and after which all future media subscription kit shipments will end. We will also send you instructions about how to access your updates on the VLSC. Note: MSDN , Software Assurance or any additional media subscriptions that you have paid for will not be affected, these will continue to be sent to you.

If your organization is unable to take advantage of downloading from VLSC, due to internet access limitations, or other factors, and you prefer to continue receiving your updates by CD/DVD media, please indicate this before 15 March 2011, by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you in advance for recognizing the importance of online software delivery. Since 2008 our "Digital by Choice" campaign has helped many customers move to software downloads. With software downloads you help reduce the need to manufacture, ship, and ultimately dispose of disks; you get updates more quickly as you can download them immediately; and you help yourself save time and resources as you do not have to manage the receipt, cataloguing, distribution, archiving and disposal of disks.
Thank you,
Microsoft Operations

Note that there is a deadline for the digital delivery opt-out of March 15, 2011. So, for any OVL clients that have ultra slow ISP connections or none at all they will need to make sure that they opt-out of digital only before that date.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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