Saturday 16 September 2017

Storage Live Migration: Where's the Move Status?

We're in the process of re-working a client's cluster setup (Dell MD3220 DAS + (2) Dell R520 Hyper-V Nodes) by adding drives and a new LUN.

Note that until the new RAID array on the MD3220 has finished initializing the drives will remain Read-Only.

A Storage Live Migration (SLM) can be initiated from within Failover Cluster Manager, Hyper-V Manager, or via PowerShell (Move-VMStorage on TechNet).

To see how things are moving along we can check in Hyper-V Manager:

The VHDX in question is over 500GB in size and it's taking a while to move!

Note that the VM remains online all the while and also once the SLM completes.

Once we've completed our storage re-organization we have some new workloads to configure.

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