Tuesday 31 October 2017

Xeon Scalable Processor Motherboard CPU-Soft Lockup Fix

The new Intel Purley based Intel Server Boards S2600WF, S2600BP, and S2600ST Product Family use a new BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) video subsystem.

As a result, some operating systems, mostly *NIX based, will choke on install as they may not have the driver built-in.

Intel Technical Advisory: Intel® Server Board S2600WF, S2600BP and S2600ST Product Family fail to initialize the operating system video driver for the ASPEED* Base Management Controller (BMC).

That document point's to ASPEED's site for downloading an up to date driver that fixes the problem.

Root Cause
Full root cause of this issue has been determined. Intel has confirmed that the failure has no bearing on system performance, it only impacts local video graphics. In detail, when the operating system loads, the OS-embedded ASPEED* video driver is not able to access a portion of the BMC memory space, therefore the process stalls.

On Windows Server based configurations we need to update the driver once the OS is installed. The default VGA driver that comes built-in to the OS works just fine.

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