Tuesday 24 October 2017

Some thoughts on Windows Server 1709 and Where to Find It

We were looking for the new Software Assurance benefit based download of Windows Server 1709 in Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center.

It took a bit to realize that the download was not tied into "Windows Server 2016" and it's available downloads.

The following two items show up in search for "Windows Server":



When we click through and try to download either one they both point to the same download:image

Keep in mind that 1709 is a Server Core only option and receives updates every six months. Plus, the service life of each release is 18 months.

That means that adopting the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) release of Windows Server would require a significant investment in both testing prior to deployment and in deploying the OS on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that Software Assurance is required for access to SAC.

Is it of value? For those businesses that are looking to adopt newer/better features via quicker cadence then yes, there is value in it.

For those that are looking for long-term stability in their deployments then the Long Term Service Branch/Channel (LTSB/C) is the way to go.

For us, we are in a "Wait and see" mode as our focus is currently Storage Spaces and Hyper-V along with Storage Spaces Direct clusters.

As far as SAC being a Server Core option only we don't have a problem with that now do we? ;)

Realistically though, there may be a lot of really neat features and abilities that may only appear in the SAC branch of Windows Server as we go along. That has yet to be seen, but given Microsoft's push to add value to Software Assurance over the last number of years one can comfortably wager that there will be extra value in that branch of the OS.

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