Monday 21 April 2008

Office 2007 OEM Part Numbers

Here is a list of the common Office 2007 OEM single pack versions we deal with:
  • S55-02515 Office Basic 2007
  • 79G-01153 Office Home and Student 2007
  • 9QA-01757 Office Small Business Edition 2007
  • 269-14071 Office Professional Edition 2007
We tend to stick with purchasing the singles since the discount per copy when purchasing the three pack is only pennies. For smaller shops like us there is no sense tying up capital in stock that may sit on the shelf for a period of time.

If purchase volumes demonstrate the need for three packs, then here are the part numbers:

  • S55-02516 Office Basic 2007 (3 Pack)
  • 79G-01154 Office Home and Student 2007 (3 Pack)
  • 9QA-01758 Office Small Business Edition 2007 (3 Pack)
  • 269-14068 Office Professional Edition 2007 (3 Pack)
Up to date part numbers along with geographically specific ones can be had from the Microsoft OEM Partner site.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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stryqx said...

Nasty non-Volume License (e.g. OEM, retail, MSDN) Office 2007 surprise - it won't install on a Terminal Server.

Makes sense from a licensing perspective, but really annoying - especially Action Pack subscribers wanting to put Office 2007 on a Terminal Server.

MSKB 924622 explains the problem and solution (i.e. buy a Volume License of Office 2007).

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


And our MAPS version will not install via Group Policy either.

We turned around and purchased one license on our Open Value agreement for Office 2007 Enterprise. The extra cost was worth getting the proper media and ability to install on our systems without mucking about uninstalling 2003 then installing 2007 manually.

As far as TS goes, from what I understand, one needs a license for Office 2007 both on the terminal server and the machine connecting to it?

We have been using virtual desktops as remote access solutions at most of our clients, so we haven't run into the TS licensing setup for Office yet.

Thanks for the comment,