Tuesday 1 December 2009

Two Excellent Blacklist Lookup Tools

Here are two excellent online tools for looking up a client’s IP to see whether they have been blacklisted when troubleshooting e-mail flow.

For a complete RBL rundown, this is the one:


Our results from this one:


The APEWS listing is for our ISP. The others are not relevant.

And, one that can be used from the sending mail server itself:


Note that this second link has a self-issued certificate so a certificate warning will greet you.

The IP address of the Internet gateway will be automatically present in the Multi-RBL Lookup Tool.

Our results from the second tool:


In our case we use ExchangeDefender both for our incoming e-mail and as our SmartHost. So, we do not need to worry too much about being blacklisted because of our ISP or the IP address we have here locally.

The other listings were due to the fact that we have SMTP traffic restricted to ExchangeDefender server IPs only.

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stryqx said...

Nice. I've been using Robtex for blacklist lookups as well as other DNS-related lookups for a while now, but the blacklist checking has shrunk somewhat over the years.

Absoblogginlutely! said...

We use postini which is great most of the time until one of their servers gets on a blacklist and then there is the potential for ALL of our clients to get their mail blacklisted. Fortunately postini has multiple mail servers so normally the user just has to resubmit the mail again and it goes through. However this is irritating to me (and the user). I actually came across this issue yesterday and the blacklist host (backscatter) take 4 weeks to automatically remove the ip or you can pay their ransom demand to get removed sooner. Personally I told the recipient to remove backscatter from their blacklist lookup.
Our blacklist lookup of choice has been mxtoolbox

Unknown said...

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