Tuesday 9 April 2013

Synnex Canada Responds and Makes Things Right After an Error

Recently, we went through our first DOA HP LaserJet business series printer in what seems like years!

We spent a few hours troubleshooting with HP support walking through everything from firmware updates, firmware recoveries, to recovery-mode firmware wipe and reloads.

Nothing worked to get the printer to recognize the 1500 sheet tray that we added to the unit.

So, HP Support ticket ID in hand we called in to our supplier, had the printer set as DOA, and provided the printer’s serial number to our Synnex Customer Service contact.

Needless to say, through a series of errors made on Synnex’s end we ended up spending a _lot_ of time working through the resulting mess over a series of months.

We put out a couple of Tweets to let the powers that be at Synnex know that our frustration levels were reaching critical mass.

After the first Tweet Mary Ellen Grom approached us almost immediately by phone.

Long story short, we went through a mind-bending RMA process with Ingram Micro Canada a number of years ago and needless to say we leave them to the very last for any distribution orders we need to place.

Synnex Canada came very close.

We are very happy to announce that not only has the mess been straightened out but Synnex took extra steps to make sure we were happy given the amount of time we spent on the problem.

This situation and its resolution demonstrates very clearly to us why a very substantial part of our distribution purchases have been made through Synnex Canada over the history of our company.

The Synnex Sales Team that is assigned to us has always been very responsive whether by phone, e-mail, or notes on an order placed.

Our Synnex Microsoft licensing contacts have been consistently better than any of the other distributor’s contacts hands-down.

Most certainly we are _not_ the biggest fish in the sea. However, in this day and age when we all face business pressures from all sides every customer/client relationship needs extra special attention. And, when we make an error the restitution to our customer/client should be worth something to them.

Thank you to Mary Ellen and the Synnex folks that reached out to us to straighten things out and make things right. :)

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