Tuesday 18 June 2013

Channelpro SMB Magazine Cover and Article

Now, just who is that on the cover of Channelpro SMB Magazine eh? :D


Thanks to Stephanie Cragg Corporate for an awesome photo shoot and the fantastic pictures.

My article can be found on pages 30/31 in the online magazine and gives a good run-down of the history of our company, where I’ve been in our industry, and the principles involved in building our company.

Mainly, I believe the best part of our SMB focused IT is the amazing people we have the privilege to work with.

And going forward, I believe that will not change. Through all of the changes that are happening today in our industry the key in SMB will _always_ be the people that provide awesome solutions for their clients and most especially their _clients_ that recognize the value they receive in their IT.

Thanks for reading! :)

Philip Elder
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Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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Unknown said...

Congrats! Excellent article. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I really appreciate the approach you take in servicing your clients and how you share with the community. You have been very helpful to me as I started out on my own a few years ago and am building my own Consulting/MSP business.

Nathan said...

Congratulations! Excellent article.

I also wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with the community. You have helped me quite a bit over the past few years as I have gone out on my own and started a consulting/MSP business.

Listened to your interview on the CIAOPS Need to Know podcast recently. Was refreshing to here a balanced perspective of on premise/cloud solutions.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

You are very welcome. I'm glad that what is published can be put to good use. :)