Thursday 19 September 2013

Microsoft ID 2 Factor Authentication

If you have not already implemented the newly available 2FA for your Microsoft IDs then maybe it is time to look at doing that.

We’ve all seen the plethora of Yahoo and iTunes accounts compromised.

So, why not take a moment to update all Microsoft IDs used both within the business and personally to have up to date cell phone numbers for text verification and then download and configure the Microsoft Authentication App.

Once the app is on the smartphone enable and confirm 2FA in the Microsoft ID profile.

From then on any Microsoft ID protected property will prompt for the code that is presented in the Authentication App.

There is a check mark for don’t bug me here on those 2FA pages but it kind of defeats the purpose to check those on pretty much any online property now doesn’t it?

IMNSHO, this feature rocks!

Hopefully the banks catch up and start utilizing this kind of security beyond the second layer of personal question protection.

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Jborton said...

I went to try and find "Microsoft Authenticator" for android, as hinted by the microsoft help article, but couldnt find it. It appears that Google Authenticator will work for Microsoft stuff, and the Microsoft Authenticator will work for Google stuff, and they both will work with several 3rd party systems (Lastpass is one).