Friday 28 March 2014

Flash Multiple Intel or LSI RAID and SAS HBAs Together

We ran into a bit of a question mark around updating the SAS HBAs (Host Bus Adapters) in our Scale-Out File Server nodes. The question being how do we update all of the SAS HBAs in the server without having to take things a part physically.

When looking at the HBA.NSH file that comes with the firmware update for EFI Shell we see the default command line in the batch:

  • sas2flash -f Intel\gb.fw -b mptsas2.rom -b x64sas2.rom

A quick search on the SAS2Flash utility and we found the LSI manual here:

In the guide we find what we need:

  • sas2flash -fwall Intel\gb.fw -b mptsas2.rom -b x64sas2.rom

Once we power cycled through POST and CTRL+C into the HBA BIOS we saw:


Happiness is not having to pull apart the server systems to update things one at a time!

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