Monday 26 May 2014

Hyper-V 2 Node JBOD DAS Cluster IOPS Run

This is just the beginning of our testing with Iometer:
The setup is the following:
  • Hyper-V Nodes
    • Intel Server Systems R2208GZ4GC, dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2, 32GB ECC, dual Intel RAID Controller RS25GB008 SAS HBAs
    • Intel Storage Systems JBOD2224S2DP JBOD
    • (17) 100GB HGST SSD400 SAS SSDs
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 U1
    • Storage Spaces with Simple across all SSDs
      • Small Witness Disk
      • (2) CSVs at ~760GB each
We had no idea as far as what to expect with this setup since each CSV is being managed by one node.
As we go along learning how Iometer works and how the disks react to various workloads we will publish additional results.
Then we will go on to run the same tests again only with the above setup configured in a Scale-Out File Server Cluster with a 10GbE backend facilitated by a pair of Intel Server Adapter X540T2 NICs in each node, NETGEAR 10GbE XS712T switches, and a pair of Hyper-V Nodes.
Hopefully with the Active/Active setup we get with SOFS and SMB Multi-Channel our performance will come out a bit better!
This test configuration was Option 1 in the Three Intel Server Systems based Hyper-V and Scale-Out File Server Clusters Post.
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