Monday 24 July 2017

Intel JBOD2224S2DP - Troubleshooting Redundant Path Fail

We have an Intel JBOD2224S2DP that has seemingly dropped one of its expanders as we are seeing a MPIO path error on both nodes in a Hyper-V/Storage Spaces cluster (2x nodes + 2x JBODs).

First step is to get the SAS IDs for the expanders by pulling the cover:

With IDs in-hand the next step is to figure out which one has failed.

We do this by downloading the latest firmware for the JBOD and copying the contents to a \TMP folder on the server or server node.

Open an elevated CMD on the server/node and:

CD \TMP\Windows [ENTER]
cmdtool2_64 -adpsetprop ExposeEnclDevicesEnbl 1 -aall [ENTER]
xflash -I get avail [ENTER]

And, voila! We have our culprit:

The problematic expander is the one on the right.

The final step to run on the server/node:
cmdtool2_64 -adpsetprop ExposeEnclDevicesEnbl 0 -aall [ENTER]

Now, off to call Intel to see about a warranty replacement or to find one out there somewhere. ;)

UPDATE 2017-08-16: As it turns out, we replaced the seemingly problematic expander and still had the error. After swapping the RS25GB008 HBA pair between nodes the problem followed the HBAs. After a bit more testing we found that one of the RS25GB008 HBAs had a bad port.

Since Intel no longer supports them and distribution didn't have any in the channel we had to go out and find some via the regular channels. They just arrived the other day and we now have MPIO on both systems without an error.

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