Thursday 2 May 2019

SharePoint Online: Setting up a WebDav File/Windows Explorer Favourite and/or Mapped Drive

We’re working on setting up a project collaboration site in Office 365 SharePoint Online.

One of the simplest things to do to streamline document access is to set up a Favourite/Quick Access link in user’s File/Windows Explorer.

To do so:

  1. Open the SharePoint Site in Internet Explorer
  2. In Internet Options –> Trusted Sites set the slider to Low
  3. Add the site to the Trusted Sites list and Apply & OK
  4. Click on the Documents link
  5. Click the Return to classic SharePoint link bottom left of the browser
  6. Click the LIBRARY tab
  7. Click the Open with Explorer button under Connect & Export
    1. A credentials prompt may happen here
  8. Drag the folder in the Address Bar to Favourites/Quick Access
  9. Right click on the new shortcut and click on Properties
  10. On the General tab:
    1. Click and hold at the left of the Location: UNC path
    2. Drag the mouse to the right to highlight the entire path and release the mouse button
    3. Right click on the highlight and Copy
    4. UNC path will look like: \\\DavWWWRoot\

That UNC path can be used to map a drive via Group Policy Preferences so that all users will have access via File/Windows Explorer.

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