Friday 20 April 2007

Windows Home Server CTP - Are you sure?!?

Heh, I get the idea that maybe, just maybe, Windows Home Server is aimed at home users! ;)

How do I come by that?

The following:

I need to "acknowledge" that data is going to be toasted on the install drive or partition by placing a check mark in the appropriate spot before the Next button comes available.

And then, the following once the tick mark has been placed beside "I acknowledge..." and Next has been clicked on:

Let's make doubly sure that the installer understands that they are about to toast their drive or partition!

So, after clicking on the "Yes" button, off the install goes.

Not too sure on the plural of "... hard drives ... " in this window though. May have to look at what happens when more than one partition or drive sets exist on the system.

In all reality, those of us who install SBS on a very regular basis see this kind of warning/acknowledge dialogue at the beginning of the second phase of the SBS install regularly.

An example SBS based warning would be the, "more processors present than supported" when installing on multi-core systems with two physical CPUs. We acknowledge the warning and continue on with the install unimpeded.

In my opinion, this multiple warning for the setup of WHS is a good thing for the end user type to see.

If this type of hand holding continues on into the actual management of the Windows Home Server, it would be good for the end user. It may however, be a bit of annoyance for a support professional. We shall see...

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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