Wednesday 13 June 2007

Windows Vista - Feature? Maybe... Pictures in disk found.

A bit of an odd-ball, but someone has looked close enough at the Windows Vista hologram disk to find what looks to be a picture of three fellows embedded in it.

Go figure!

You can see the images here on Sugiero's Blog: Windows Vista Virtual Easter Egg.

Thanks to Todd Bishop: Reports: Microscopic image hidden on Vista disc.

Got a microscope? :D

UPDATE 2007-06-14: Heh ... an anti-piracy technique eh? :D

The Windows Vista News blog has the low down on just what is really happening: Taking a detailed look at Windows Vista DVD hologram:
The real story is interesting, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed to learn that it is not the result of a deliberate attempt to deceive. The photo displays members of the team who worked on the Windows Vista DVD hologram design. Microsoft’s Anti-Piracy Team designed a counterfeit-resistant digital "watermark" for the non-encoded surface of Windows Vista DVDs. The photo in question is only one of multiple images contained in the hologram design, all of whose inclusion serves to make it more difficult to replicate a Windows Vista DVD. The other images are of old master works of art that are in the public domain. These images are part of numerous other security measures that have been designed into our media, packaging and certificates of authenticity. Hence, even though this image has been reproduced on the Web, there are many other features providing further security.
And, head on back to Sugiero's blog to see a few more images embedded in the disk.

I think the feature is pretty kewl! :D

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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