Thursday 16 August 2007

Business Principles: Spice up that Proposal with Visio

Doing up a network infrastructure proposal?

Need a simple way of presenting the proposed network setup that most people can understand without the technospeak?

Look no further than Visio:

It is a powerful tool that can give us the edge over other proposals that rely on words for descriptions.

Another way to get the edge is to hand deliver the proposal to the prospective client contact person. Chat with them and put a face to that book.

For proposals that are local, how do you think that will compare to something someone put together and faxed or emailed in?

In our experience, the extra effort pays of.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Quite right

I love Visio!
We use it for the same thing you mention in your post.
It's great to use for your network notes as well

I also use it to do office plans so i know where all our clients equipment is located

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

It took a bit of convincing with a pervious employer to send me off to get trained on Visio.

He sure was happy he did though as our sales increased significantly when we included the drawings in our quotes and proposals.

I am glad to hear that you are taking advantage of it's abilities.

A few years back, we obtained a copy of the Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Resource Kit that contained a huge selection of NetZoom stencils and the very handy LANsurveyor to scope out a network setup directly into Visio. We have yet to test whether it will work with Visio 2007. We think it will, but we will see.

I do hope that Microsoft puts together another offer like that for Visio 2007. It was well worth it.