Saturday 28 August 2010

Promise VTrak WebPAM PROe – Quick First Time Connection How To

Once we set up the Promise VTrak E310sD with all of the drives, installed into the rack enclosure, and powered it up we need to connect to the VTrak’s management GUI called the WebPAM PROe.

Now, the product manual indicates that we need to use the included serial cables to connect to one of the storage controllers, in this case we have a dual controller unit, and run through a series of command line steps in a terminal session.

VTrak Product Manual v3.2:


However, later on in the product manual we find this:


VTrak Default IP Address 

. . . The default virtual management port IP address is set to

Thus, the quickest way to get things going without having to work with the serial connection is to use either a laptop or other system (physical or virtual) that can have its IP address changed without impacting the production environment.

We used a laptop for this procedure. We changed the IP address on the laptop to and waited until the settings took.

We then opened a browser and navigated to

After a moment or two we were greeted by:


The defaults for the WebPAM PROe are:

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: password

Once into the console we can navigate to the Port Configuration Settings under Network Management and set the VTrak up for the correct subnet:


After clicking Submit the VTrak will reboot.

We then change the laptop back to obtaining its IP address via DHCP and were able to connect to the WebPAM PROe console and finish setting up the VTrak for our Hyper-V cluster at the new IP address.

Note that we keep a grid of all statically assigned IP addresses that includes the server/appliance/printer’s name, IP address, MAC address, and any other relevant information for quick reference.

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Hotliner said...

OK.. I bought a Vtrak M500i on ebay almost 40 days ago. got it and tried forever to connect via Serial (rs232). Was NEVER able to get any PC to connect. I used various PC's (thinking it was the COM Port).. i used several cables... even bought new ones.. could NEVER connect with the settings provided. Even went so far as to think it may have been the controller... so.. ordered another one. Alas i experienced the same thing. In desperation is did a few more Google searches and came across your post.. was the answer i was looking for...