Saturday 10 September 2011

WMIC pagefileset create Error: Provider does not support put extensions

Now this was a funky bit of brain busting to figure out just what this error message was saying:


C:\>wmic.exe pagefileset create name="S:\PageFile.sys"
Description = Provider does not support put extensions

We did a quick search for “WMIC pagefileset create” and came up with:

We went to the Workaround section and found the correct syntax for working with page files in Server Core. Now, the _only_ difference that we could see between what we inputted above and what was in the KB was the case of the file name?

Okay, so maybe WMIC commands are case sensitive?

Sure enough:


C:\>wmic pagefileset create name="S:\pagefile.sys"
Instance creation successful.

Kewl! :)

Lesson learned and it is great to see the proper syntax for working with page files on Server Core is available on a Microsoft document with the _correct_ syntax.

Note that a search on the error itself turned up very little.

Philip Elder
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stryqx said...

Nice find. I've added this as a note to the Server Core command page at TechNet:

AndyChips said...

Thanks! This was driving me nuts. Case sensitive?? Really??