Monday 28 November 2011

Failover Cluster Manager: Deleting a Cluster

Now that we have gone through our preliminary testing with the Huawei Symantec Oceanspace S2600 storage system, we are looking to reset the cluster nodes so that we can hook them up to another storage device for more testing or for client backup recovery purposes using a Promise VTrak E610sD.

To remove the cluster we start by deleting any highly available VMs from the cluster.


Once all VMs are removed we then evict Node-2 from the cluster.

The final step is to Destroy the cluster:


Are you sure?


After clicking the Destroy button we see:


Failover Cluster Manager then removes all reference to the previously existing cluster.

When we check Active Directory the object for the cluster was disabled:


We then deleted the AD object and moved on to clean-up on the nodes themselves which included removing the MPIO settings for the Oceanspace S2600.

We may leave them configured as they are for the next job or we may wipe them clean and start fresh. That all depends on what cluster related project is coming down the pipe!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*Our original iMac was stolen (previous blog post). We now have a new MacBook Pro courtesy of Vlad Mazek, owner of OWN.

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