Thursday 7 March 2013

HP LaserJet JetDirect Password Forgotten

We have an HP LaserJet 4350DTN printer that was configured prior to our involvement with a firm.

The JetDirect print server installed in the printer is protected by a password.

Well, the above HP Support document tells us that the JetDirect unit will need to be cold reset. But, there is no link or direction indicating just how this would be done.

Any search online came up with third party sites.

So, we tried “cold-reset 4350” in HP’s Business Support Center and came up with:

From the above support page we get the following instructions.

To perform a cold reset:

  1. Turn the printer power off.

  2. Power on the printer and watch for the memory count to begin.

  3. Hold down the SELECT (Checkmark) button, when you see the memory count begin.

  4. Continue holding down the SELECT (Checkmark) button until all three printer control-panel lights flash once and then remain on. This might take up to 10 seconds.

  5. After the message SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press the UP ARROW button or the DOWN ARROW button until COLD RESET appears on the display

  6. Press the SELECT (Checkmark) button. The printer performs a cold reset and then continues its power-on sequence.

  7. Check all I/O settings and reset any user-set printer configuration values.

Once the printer had finished its boot cycle we were able to open the JetDirect web management page and see all of the configuration tabs without the need for the long-forgotten password:


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