Thursday 30 July 2009

Recovering Server 2003 with Dynamic Disks via ShadowProtect

One of our non-profit clients needed to replace an aging server with new hardware. Since their licensing covered moving the OS to another box, and the legacy app on that box would not run on Server 2008, we used ShadowProtect to move the OS to new hardware.

Unfortunately, virtualizing the legacy setup was not an option or we would have taken that approach.

The source server was set up with a pair of dynamic disks that were mirrored via an OS software RAID.

When recovering a server that uses a set of Dynamic disks for an OS based software RAID, there is an extra step to the image recovery process.

If the server is a member server, as was the case for us, make sure to reset the local admin password on the server and have that change reflected in the SP image before the image is used for a restore.

Once the SP image has been placed on the new drives, or in our case on a new server, we needed to boot to the Windows Server 2003 CD and log onto the recovery console.

At the recovery console we needed to run the following commands:

  1. fixboot c: [Enter]
  2. fixmbr [Enter]

This will reset the dynamic disks to basic and allow the OS to boot.

Remember to follow the required post Hardware Independent Restore steps (previous blog post) if moving the OS to new hardware as we were doing here.

StorageCraft’s white paper on dynamic disks:

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