Monday 25 April 2011

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 0xC00000034 Error – Torn State Update

We now have an official pronouncement from Microsoft on the problem with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 that caused all sorts of issues when delivered via WSUS:

Essentially the official position is to rebuild the system from scratch.

There was mention in the Forum thread here of a number of different ways we could possibly address the problem:

Ultimately though, we are on the hook to rebuild those machines if we are to follow Microsoft’s official position.

One mention for a workaround is as follows:

We have seen others mention that this workaround is “successful” at getting Service Pack 1 installed but there would be no guarantees that at some point the system becomes unstable and thus require a rebuild anyway.

Ultimately we will discuss with our clients what the options are, the possible consequences, and move on from there.

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