Wednesday 24 April 2013

SBS 2011 Standard: Install Error 0x80300001 - "Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 1" OR "Cannot find a System Partition"

There was one other error that came up depending on if we SHFT+F10 to get to the command prompt and try formatting using DiskPart.


Internet searches came up with swapping optical disks between the Windows installer disk and the driver disk but we had everything including the Answer File (this was a migration run attempt in a lab setting) on a bootable USB flash drive.

After fighting with it for an hour we brought in another known good bootable USB flash drive that had the SBS 2011 Standard install files on it and low and behold the process worked!

Meh ... Very frustrating to run through all of that troubleshooting only to find out that the ISO we pulled the files from was bad.

So, the second step in troubleshooting any Windows OS install error in WinPE is to download a new ISO, format a flash drive as bootable using DiskPart, and copy the SBS files over.

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Josh Gay said...

I spent a couple days, with open cases with Intel once.... trying to troubleshoot this exact "driver" issue with an install, and indeed, annoying when you figure out its a bum ISO.....