Tuesday 18 September 2007

System Builder Tip: Intel RAID Controllers At-A-Glance

We primarily install Intel RAID controllers in our server builds.

One of the main reasons we now stick with Intel controllers is due to hot swap enclosure compatibility questions. When we are going to install a SRCSAS18E and 10 hot swap drives with an Intel Hot Swap Enclosure or Enclosures, we would configure the following in a SC5400 chassis:
  • SRCSAS18E (120 Drive capable)
    • 4 Drive Hot Swap Enclosure with Expander (2 SATA Connectors)
    • 6 Drive Hot Swap Enclosure (6 SATA Connectors)
Here is a link to Intel's RAID products:
A secondary reason for us sticking with Intel RAID controllers is their support for the channel. As an Intel Associate Member, we have a single point of contact for all of our support questions including immediate RMA service for a component.

Our membership has been very beneficial to us! If you are a system builder, and registered with the big 3 distributors, then check out the program.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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