Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Intel D5400XS Dual Socket Extreme Board Ships

At least, that is the news as of vary recently! ;)

A while back, we spoke about the X38BT (Bonetrail) board.

We have been keeping an eye on Intel's new dual socket Extreme platform called Skulltrail since then.

Intel now has a product page for the new board: Intel Desktop Board D5400XS.

We were certainly happy to see that the board will support dual SLI or CrossFire mode video cards. There has been some uncertainty regarding continued CrossFire support due to ATI being acquired by AMD.

This product shot is from Intel's product page:

Intel Desktop Board D5400XS

The board comes with four (4) PCI-E 16x wired connectors. Also, note that any standard 32bit/33MHz PCI peripherals are ruled out if one plugs in two (2) double wide PCI-E video cards.

If we go to Intel's product download page for the Intel D5400XS, we can see that there is a relatively new BIOS update from January 22, 2008.

When we head over to our supplier's Web sites to query both the D5400XS board and the only compatible CPU: the QX9775, we come up with nothing for SKUs so far.

So, at least here in Canada, like everything else bleeding edge, we wait and see before our suppliers get SKUs up for the two new Extreme products.

Is there a market for them? Yes.

Besides the avid gamer or those who love to live on the bleeding edge of tech, there are those who generate their livelihoods via the machines they use.

A Skulltrail V8 rig will generate a Return On Investment in very short order for high end CAD/CAM operators along with anyone who needs extremely intensive calculations for things like parts interference and more.

There is always a market for more power!

Just look at the Golden Age of Horsepower the automotive industry is in right now.

Some links: UPDATE: 2008-02-23:We have now seen the product SKUd up at a couple of our suppliers with one showing an ETA later next month. Still no processors SKUd up yet. Time will tell! ;)

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