Wednesday 27 February 2008

QuickBooks 2008 - Error 1328 and/or Error 1603

More first version blues for Intuit: QuickBooks 2008 is experiencing issues with its ability to update itself.

This is the error:


Error 1328.Error [sic] applying patch to file c:\Config.msi\PT47F.tmp. It has probably been updated by other means, and can no longer be modified by this patch. For more information, contact your patch vendor.
When we receive the error, we must keep clicking the Ignore button to keep the install alive. It may, or may not succeed.

In some cases, one will not have an Ignore button. We can only click the Retry once to see if the update will proceed. If it does not, we need to reinstall QuickBooks 2008!

Note that clicking the Abort button may cause error 1603. One needs to shutdown Windows all together then power up the machine (no warm boot).

Further reading from Intuit's QB 2008 support site: Note that Intuit's support lines are clogged with callers and it may be a long while before getting through!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

I used to be a Quickbooks Professional Advisor until years later I realized that Intuit only really cared about the QPA yearly fees I paid. That was in 2003, at which version I refuse to move from.

Intuit has some problems.
(Just ignore the man behind the curtain!)

1. Like quietly changing the position of household furniture in the house of a blind man, Intuit keeps changing it's UI, rearranging it just enough to piss off previous clients and cause everyone to relearn the content locations.

2. Intuit forced all it's payroll clients, then ALL it's other clients to have a working internet (or you cannot use the program).
I had plenty of clients in rural areas who only had dial-up. Try getting updates on dial-up.

3. Intuit stopped listening to it's users (something the founder Scott Cook built Intuit upon) and started focusing on competing with products like Peachtree and others. The program stopped adding features we really need.

4. As Intuit grew, it diversified into the financial arena and must of took their best Quickbooks programmers with them, evidenced by annoying program problems EACH version, program update glitches (causing data loss) and payroll calculation problems.
Quickbooks 2007 already has release 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Release 8 itself solves 72 problems.

5. Exporting real financial transactions, not just lists has been impossible. Import of other program accounting data has always been just bad. (Perhaps it's better since 2005?)

6. Quickbooks forced a transactional database onto buyers, similar to Peachtree. Performance has honestly suffered. Peachtree's performance is even worse.
"Adaptive server anywhere database engine", HUH?
Is that another name for DBase III?

7. Quickbooks keeps getting more expensive and add the payroll service, (which only provides Quickbooks with a proprietary tax table and occasional state calculation changes) and it gets quite expensive. You'd think they were doing your time tracking payroll for ya.

8. Intuit provides Quickbooks online service, but unless you trust your internet connection to always work day after day...?
"Sorry Maam, I cannot finish your transaction, my internet is down, step to the back of that long line over there please."

I'm hoping Microsoft gets their accounting program to what I consider a better usable state. The latest vesion still doesn't compete with QB.
Of course, when MS improves their program, it'll be the same old story all over again.

Beta tester of "0"s and "1"s

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


I have had a love/hate relationship with Intuit for quite a few years now.

However, between Simply and QuickBooks, QB won out because I could not wrap my mind around an accountant's journal layout that Simply used. Then there was the Simply setup and configuration grief we seemingly always went through when a client changed something simple like a printer.

We had so much QB grief in the early part of this decade with versions up. It was ongoing until things seemingly settled down from 05 on.

It looks like 07 was the last year for stability on all counts ... as much as QB can be stable that is! ;)

And yes, we have been waiting for the MS product up here in Canada. Hopefully it will do what we need it to do and then we, and a lot of others out there, can put Intuit and QB to rest.

Thanks for the comment.