Monday 19 January 2009

Hard reset the HTC Touch Pro on Telus

Apparently the stock HTC Touch Pro hard reset instructions have been slightly modified by Telus.

To hard reset the HTC Touch Pro on a Telus network:
  1. Make sure the phone is one.
  2. Pull the stylus.
  3. Turn the phone upside down.
  4. Hold both Volume UP and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  5. Hold the Enter (round button). (Step 1 and 2 at the same time)
  6. Reset the phone using the stylus.
  7. Wait for the "Are you sure message" and release the volume buttons.
  8. Use the Volume Up button to confirm the hard reset.

The phone will run through a blanket reinstall of everything just as it did when it was first fired up.

The reason we know this?

The first HTC Touch Pro we received had a pulsating backlight: HTC Touch Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 Review.

This second one decided that it was going to lock up sometime between plugging it in to charge at night and the morning. When the phone was reset, it ran through the initialization routine with a choke mid way through.

The phone still works, but the data connection and the display theme are toast. Not only that, there are missing icons and software on the phone or most of the "installed" software will not run.

While on the phone with the Telus technician, the phone would not hard reset. The icon for Clear Storage was also missing, so we could not reset the phone that way either. We could not even set up the cellular data connection manually as those settings had seemingly disappeared too.

We are now onto HTC Touch Pro phone number three!

The phone's features are great, but the hardware is starting to show quality issues. Whether this problem is related to the carrier and their "modifications" or HTC is not known.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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stryqx said...

Combination of Telco mods and Windows Mobile.

If you can be bothered wasting endless hours trying different cooked ROMs, you'll find a more stable, possibly smaller footprint and more useful apps bundled into the WM install.

The only hardware issues I've seen with WM-based devices is physical (i.e. slides disconnecting) and poor quality antennas.

I gave up in disgust on the WM-based handsets, ditching them for a Nokia as soon as a Nokia UMTS 850-capable system became available in Australia.

I'd use an iPhone before going back to a WM device.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


I downloaded the Kitchen, but have not had a chance to play with it yet. I will use my HTC PPC6700 as a test bed to see how things go with it.

So far, other than the problems with Telus to get support, I like the phone. :)