Monday 26 January 2009

ShadowProtect Best Practices and Documentation

StorageCraft has a couple of support white papers for us:

When we first signed up with StorageCraft, there was no real gander through the support white papers. There was an assumption made that a "white paper" in that part of the support site was more towards marketing than actual technical documentation.

That assumption was wrong.

To avoide NTFS Event ID 55 errors, and other problems, it is recommended that we do the following on our SBS installations where ShadowProtect is the principle backup:

  • Disable all VSS enabled applications such as the SBS Backup and NTBackup while SP is running.
  • Disable any Volume Shadow Copy snapshots being taken of your data volumes. SP will provide that functionality with the multiple daily incrementals.
Have a look through the various white papers contained on StorageCraft's Web site: StorageCraft Documentation.

There are a number of excellent recovery related documents and more.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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