Wednesday 21 January 2009

Server 2008 and Vista SP1 Group Policy settings spreadsheet download

It never hurts to have a quick reference to the more complicated aspects of the products we work with.
The download is in either Excel 97-2003 format or the new Excel 2007 format. Note the difference in the size between the old and new formats!

The benefit of having the spreadsheet is the ability to do a quick Find to search for a policy setting.

Each setting has its location with the GPO indicated, its name, what client and server OS versions support it, a really good explanation of the setting, and whether a reboot or logoff would be required to get the policy setting to apply.

Group Policy is a pretty awesome thing for us to manage our SBS domains. The new Windows Server 2008 Group Policy structures we inherit with our SBS 2008 domains are phenomenal.

One example is Group Policy Preferences. They give us such granular control over so many aspects of our SBS domains that we either had to script or run manually on all workstations.

Check it out!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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