Tuesday 2 March 2010

AutoDesk Vault Requires IIS6 Management Compatibility

As we go through installing the AutoDesk Vault on a second Windows Server 2008 R2 box with SQL 2008 Standard installed on it, we are discovering the little bits and pieces that may not show themselves as obvious in the documentation.

The SQL database that was set up, as mentioned in another post on the AUTODESKVAULT instance name (previous post), requires Windows and SQL authentication.

A Windows domain user will need to be created for the AUTODESKVAULT SQL security setup too. We set up a user that is only a member of the Domain Users group with no mailbox in the SBS Console.

From there, we need to make sure that certain IIS6 components are installed and available.

From the AutoDesk Help:


Since IIS7 was already installed in preparation for this task, we needed to click on the IIS node and then click the Add Role Services link in the right hand column of the management console.


We select IIS 6 Management Compatibility and its subcomponents and click Next then Install:


Once installed, we go back to our AutoDesk install routine window:


If the Re-test fails on ASP.NET files, run an elevated command prompt and:

  • iisreset [Enter]

Then click the Re-test button and it should run through successfully. Keep the command prompt window open for now as it will be needed again later.


Once the test completes, take note of the two warnings shown in the screenshot above. Make sure that HTTP is allowed in through the server’s firewall which it should be since IIS was installed so that warning can be ignored.


But, once the install routine has finished we will need to change the IIS Connection Time Out as indicated in the screenshot under warnings.


After changing the connection Time-out setting, run the IISReset command in the command prompt window before closing the command prompt window.

Once done, the Autodesk Data Management Server Console 2009 should open up after prompting for the Administrator password which is blank to start off with.

Note that the default libraries will require defragmentation out of the box:


Right click on the library and click on Defragment Library. It is best to do this before importing the production Vault database content since the process requires that the library be locked while performing the defragmentation.

From there, Vault user configuration, backing up the original Vault content (if needed), and restoring of the original Vault content will be required.

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