Monday 2 April 2012

WestJet’s Great Child Free Commercial!

We flew West Jet to Orlando, Florida via Toronto a couple of years ago for our first real vacation with our three kids.

Other than the sea sickness in our eldest the kids were absolutely awesome. But, based on the looks we received from some of our cabin mates we certainly know first-hand that there are some folks that get quite uptight with there being kids on the same flight.

Awesome Child-Free Cabins

That’s one of the reasons that this video is so priceless.

The other is that we fly WestJet 100% of the time on _all_ routes that they fly.

One of the reasons is that Clive Beddoe and his WestJet founding partners are in my top 5 list of business heroes.

They built a company that provides amazing service, even post 9/11, that the other airlines should aspire to.

Their business model is structured in such a way that folks that work with them are members of the same team.

This structure has proven itself in that WestJet keeps growing as a company plus avoiding many of the pitfalls that other airlines have found themselves in. Witness Air Canada’s current struggles.

The other reason is that WestJet is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We prefer to support our home grown businesses whenever and wherever we can ... Especially the good ones!

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