Tuesday 24 April 2012

Intel Server System SR1695GPRX Server Board R&R Process

The process of doing a Remove & Replace for warranty purposes on an Intel SR1695GPRX is well documented in the Service Guide . . . well almost.


We put together a new SR1695GPRX for a specific purpose and found that one of the memory banks was bad on the board.

We have the replacement board in hand from Intel today and when we went to R&R the board we found a bit of a puzzle not found in the Intel Service Guide:


On the back of the server board that came with the Intel Server System was the silver plate that the 1U heat sink would mount to. After a few trial presses the plate looked to be in there quite solidly.

So, we experimented to see just what was keeping that plate stuck to the board.

It turned out that there was a thin gasket like material between the board and the plate. With a blunt object we used a bit of leverage at one edge of the board to push down on the heat sink mount peg from the top of the board.

It took a bit of effort but we were rewarded with a snapping sound and sure enough there was a thin layer of some sort of glue holding the two together.

Same pressure to the other plate peg and we were half way there. We were good to go with a bit of gentle prying using our fingers to get the other two pegs to break free.

Please note that the amount of leverage/pressure to be used may depend on the amount of time the whole setup was in production. This particular one was pretty much right out of the box so we were rewarded after just a bit of effort.

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