Friday 30 November 2007

Good for a Coffee Snort & Laugh :)

We are insanely busy right now, thus the infrequent posts.

But, I had a good laugh over this one: Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog: Now it can be seen: Fake Steve Jobs at Microsoft.

While I haven't seen the Lyons video yet, the quote of Lyons in Todd's article almost passed my coffee through the nose:
"The thing about Jobs that makes him ripe for parody is that ... he presents one face to the world and it's different than who he really is. It's why Hillary Clinton is a great target for parody, too, or any number of people. Bill O'Reilly, right?

"Jobs does the whole Zen and peace and love thing, but you know, behind the scenes, he's this monster, he's this terrible manager. He throws tantrums and slams stuff. The thing about Ballmer is ... if you go out on stage and do a Monkey Boy dance, you can't parody that guy. He's already parodying himself."
I haven't seen the "Monkey Boy dance" (Wikipedia) either ... but it is now on the To Do list for some down time later today ... if the link works!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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