Monday 12 November 2007

Windows Vista x64 - Creative X-Fi Driver update 2.15.0004 fixes a lot of issues.

When we first setup this workstation with Windows Vista x64, we received a real big surprise from our speakers. The full experience can be read about here:
Windows Vista - Creative X-Fi Snap, Crackle, & Pop Noises on Vista x64 with 4GB+.

Because of the nature of the issues and the fact that Creative has issued an updated driver that seems to fix many of the issues we were experiencing, the subject bears a new post.

The drivers can be found here: There is a "Change your region" drop down box in the top right corner of the Support Download site for you to bring things closer to home.

All of the X-Fi products have the same driver to download and install.

Once the drivers are downloaded, it would be a good idea to add them to the Technician's Thumb Drive since they are a bit bulky.

All in all, the new drivers are a marked improvement over the previous driver iteration which was temperamental at best.

Now if Creative could get the IE click sounds to work flawlessly, all would be good! ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

*All Mac on SBS posts are posted on our in-house iMac via the Safari Web browser.

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