Wednesday 18 June 2008

QuickBooks - Edit the Spell Check Custom Word Dictionary

Whenever a user accidentally adds a word to the User Dictionary in QuickBooks, we need to manually remove it from the custom word dictionary list.

The custom word User Dictionary is called UserDictionary.tlx found in the QuickBooks directory:

QuickBooks Spell Check User Dictionary

To open the file one right clicks on it and selects Open. When the Choose a program dialogue comes up, we choose from the list of programs and select NotePad.

A quick find will turn up the wrongly entered word. Delete the whole word line (MyWrongWord i) and save the changes.

QuickBooks will need to be closed and restarted to pick up the changed dictionary word list.

For us, knowing how QuickBooks stores that custom word list is important for those clients that use QuickBooks and need to upgrade one of their accounting workstations. For this type of client, part of our profile transfer steps will include copying and pasting the contents of the file into the new QuickBooks User Dictionary on the new system. By doing this, we just saved our client's user a bit of time and some frustration at having to rebuild that list.

UPDATE: Missed the reference link! QuickBooks Community: misspelled word in the dictionary.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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