Wednesday 11 June 2008

Jason Miller Presents: First Technical Look at SBS 2008

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I was in Calgary all day for the First Technical Look at SBS 2008.

It turns out that our presenter was Jason Miller SBS MVP.

The presentations were excellent as were most of the demos other than a few typical VM glitches.

Jason gave us a pretty thorough walk through of the SBS Console and the various features controlled and monitored there. The event size was small enough, roughly 25 of us, that we were able to ask questions and work with Jason through the demos. Since all present were mostly focused on SBS, we spent most of our time on SBS. He did give us a good overview of EBS and its features though.

Jason's presentation skills were excellent and I appreciated the fact that he made a good effort to keep us involved and things interactive. Well done Jason! :)

The time spent watching and listening to Jason, as well as the attendees and their questions/input, was well spent. The general consensus at the end of the event was very positive ... we all enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot.

Microsoft put in a good effort into providing us with a venue that worked with the tasks at hand along with a full breakfast and lunch. The food was excellent as was the service provided by the hotel. The event, venue, and catering was consistent with previous free Microsoft sponsored Partner Training events. This is good to see.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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