Saturday 3 April 2010

Microsoft Server Virtualization Licensing Explained – TechNet Chopsticks

Here is an interesting video where the presenter runs through the various virtualization scenarios and how to license them:


One of the points made about virtualizing OEM licensed OSs had to do with the inability to move that OEM licensed VM across a cluster. The OEM license is bound to the original hardware, in the case of an Intel Modular Server with 2 nodes, that would mean one or the other node.

The hardware the OEM license is bound to is _not_ the chassis that the OEM OS is running in, it is bound to the CPU, RAM, and Motherboard.

There is also a good explanation of the Server Standard OS 1+1, Enterprise 4+4, and Data Center Unlimited OS licensing.

The video is about 26 minutes and is well worth the time.

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