Tuesday 22 June 2010

David Moisan & SATV – A Good Glimpse Into A Non-Profit’s Technology Needs

David Moisan is the IT Director for Salem Access TV in Salem Mass.

We have crossed paths over the last number of years due to SATV’s running SBS as their principle server.

Lately, David has had some very good blog posts on the need for technology in his organization. He provides some good insight into the how they use technology and why they need it.

He also speaks to the juggling that a non-profit has to do in order to finance their needed technology.

David’s blog:

Some of his SATV technology posts that are excellent reads:

Contributing To Our Communities

We deal with a number of local as well as remote non-profit clients. We get to see first-hand just how difficult it is for them to make any real advances in their technology usage due to financial restraints.

For us as IT providers, we need to give back to our communities. One way to do so is to contribute in some way to a non-profit’s technology needs. We can do so by donating some of our technician’s time, giving significantly reduced labour rates, or by offering technology to them at little or no cost.

It is up to us to choose which non-profit’s mission statement and services best fit with our own business vision then create an offering plan that works and make contact with the Executive Director of the organization.

In the end, we both benefit from helping them out.

Philip Elder
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