Saturday 31 July 2010

Dell RAID Array Drive Failure

We had all of the Dell management utilities configured when the box was put into production which meant that the e-mail alerts that were set up were tested good.

For some reason they did not fire when a drive in one of the Dell server’s RAID arrays failed. The RAID controller is a PERC 6/i which has no audible warning on it so no one in the office beside the server closet knew anything was up.

Since this is a remote server we have contacted our client with the news and will work with them and Dell to get that drive swapped out as soon as possible since the array in jeopardy contains their data.


We will spend some time trying to figure out why OpenManage failed to send an e-mail as well.

The lack of an audible warning on Dell configured LSi RAID controllers has been mentioned here before.

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