Monday 9 May 2011

Mac Rogue Security Software

It was only a matter of time before folks started writing malware for Macs as Apple’s market share grew.

It is official: Sophos: Naked Security: Mother's Day search terms lead to Mac rogue security software

The following is a good demonstration of the malware’s attack on the Mac:

Malware Mac Attack

While Sophos goes on to plug their product for the Mac at the end of the article itself, this situation really begs the question: Will mainstream A/V vendors be in the same boat as they are today where we will need to go to a third party like Malwarebytes to remove the malware?

That is, will mainstream A/V products _still_ not be able to protect the Mac from this type of attack?

As is the case on the PC, one needs to be very aware of what they are doing at all times along with how to react when something like this happens.

In our opinion, Apple has lulled many into a false sense of security over the years. With their market share growing it was pretty obvious that these types of attacks were bound to happen. Now that they are we shall see if folks keep buying Macs.

UPDATE: Hat Tip: Jeremy of SFNIS via the SBS2K Yahoo List.

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