Friday 13 April 2012

Handheld Device "Security"

Boy, could we have some fun with this.

The image is of DHCP showing a bunch of handhelds being served IPs.

It turns out that the temporary router we were using had its wireless AP on and not secured.

Isn't there a setting in these devices to refuse unknown IPs? There should be!



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Steve C said...

You can almost certainly limit which MAC addresses can connect to the AP.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


The AP is a bin box. Meaning it sits in the bin until it is needed for something.

We had neglected to do anything more than pin the IP and turn DHCP off.

Thus we ended up with a lot of new wireless "friends".

Had we realized the radio was still on we would have turned it off, which we did, or if it was needed secured it via WPA2.

Folks need to turn their device radio security up a bit so that they are not binding with any old AP that happens along.

Thanks for the comment,