Monday 25 February 2013

Need Microsoft Partner Help: Please Log in and Vote “Me Too” On These Forum Posts

Hi, we need some help please:


Note the number 4 showing that four folks have bumped this thread. Thank you for doing that! We have one bump on the PDF problem.

Please click on the link, log in with your Microsoft Partner account, and click the “Me Too” button! Then, do so for the other question.

The internal relay question is due to a documentation fail while the PDF Attachments being mangled is an outright catastrophic fail as the Microsoft Exchange 2013 product went out the door like this.

We hope that we can get a lot of support underneath these two questions since both directly impact SMB/SME/ENT.

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Andy Parkes said...

Done...that is a rather epic fail!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Thanks for that.


Victor said...

Hi Philip,

I bumped both questions. But I worry about the MS response. The last time I used the forums, I had my issue resolved and was happy.
But then I just had a simple question answered with that I need to open a support incident. And I see their response to you and I start to worry about what is happening in the forums.
My problem was in testing Server2012 and trying to do recovery I was not able to find a way to load disk drivers from the recovery command line. This seems basic to me but I was given the response to open a support incident. This is not a critical issue for me just working on understatnding new system. So, I am worried about the support forums are becoming less valuable.
Good luck on your issues and thanks for bringing them too light. They are important and should be fixed.